Link™ Capture Software 12.8.1 for Linux
2022-08-12 09:48

This release is a maintenance release in the 12.8 series which introduced these features:

  • Support for SLB (Socket Load Balancing) for FPGA image 9560-56-04 with Capture Test & Measurement feature set on NT100A01
  • Imgctrl included as RPM package

Please refer to the documentation and release notes for details on the new features, bugfix’es and which SmartNIC products the new features apply to.

This release resolves these Support issue compared to the 12.8.0:
   (12.8.1) Support-ID 44720: Example documentation update
   (12.8.1) Support-ID 44737: New FPGA versions

If you experience issues downloading the below attached tar.gz file, please try this direct link: ntanl_package_3gd-