Release Note for Napatech Link™ Capture Software version 12.8.1 for Linux

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Software package version ntanl_package_3gd-linux-12.8.1.


The Napatech Link Capture 12.8.1 software release is resolving issue related to NIM support, FPGA support and updated example documentation

This release is a maintenance release in the 12.8 series which introduced these features:

  • Support for SLB (Socket Load Balancing) for FPGA image 9560-56-04 with Capture Test & Measurement feature set on NT100A01
  • Imgctrl included as RPM package

Please refer to the documentation and release notes for details on the new features, bug fixes and which SmartNIC products the new features apply to.

Operating systems

The following operating systems are supported:

  • Linux 3.0 -> 3.19 (64-bit)
  • Linux 4.0 -> 4.18 (64-bit)
  • Linux 5.0 -> 5.11 (64-bit)

    The software has been qualified on: CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 20.04

Hardware / FPGA images
Hardware FPGA images Description
NT20E3-2-PTP 200-9501-28-11 2x10G, Capture Replay (CR1)
NT40E3-4-PTP 200-9502-10-07 4x10G, Capture Replay, key matcher, line rate Tx
200-9537-44-11 4x10G, Capture (CR1), key matcher, dedup
200-9538-44-11 4x10G, Capture Replay (CR2), line rate Tx, dedup
NT80E3-2-PTP 200-9503-28-07 2x40G, Capture Replay (CR1)
200-9519-28-07 8x10G, Capture Replay (CR1)
NT200A01 200-9515-20-10 2x100G, Capture, key matcher included
200-9516-20-10 2x100G, Capture Replay, key matcher not included
200-9531-35-25 2x10/25G, Capture Replay (CR1)
200-9512-28-07 2x40G, Capture Replay (CR1)
200-9522-28-07 8x10G, Capture Replay (CR1)
NT40A01-4x1 200-9500-28-11 4x1G, Capture Replay (CR1)
NT100E3-1-PTP 200-9505-28-07 1x100G, Capture Replay (CR1)
NT40A01 200-9517-09-08 4x10/1G port speed, Socket Load Balancer
INTEL-A10 200-7000-27-02 4x10G, Capture Replay (CR1)
200-7001-27-02 1x40G, Capture Replay (CR1)
NT200A02 200-9521-43-13 2x100G, Capture Replay (CR1)
200-9526-43-13 2x40G, Capture Replay (CR1)
200-9532-43-13 2x10/25G, Capture Replay (CR1)
200-9533-43-13 8x10G, Capture Replay (CR1)
200-9534-46-15 8x10G, Capture Flow Management (FM1)
200-9534-46-15 8x10G, Capture Flow Management (FM1)
200-9535-46-15 2x40G, Capture Flow Management (FM1)
200-9536-46-15 2x100G port speed, Capture Flow Management (FM1)
200-9539-23-02 8x10G port speed, CPU Socket Load Balancer
200-9540-23-02 2x40G port speed, CPU Socket Load Balancer
200-9543-47-07 2x100G, Capture Test & Measurement (TM1)
200-9545-47-07 2x10/25G, Capture Test & Measurement (TM1)
200-9546-47-07 2x40G, Capture Test & Measurement (TM1)
200-9549-43-13 4x10/25G, Capture Replay (CR1)
200-9555-47-07 2x1/10G, Capture Replay (CR1)
NT50B01 200-9541-47-07 2x10/25G, Capture Test & Measurement (TM1)
200-9561-47-05 2x1/10G, Capture Test & Measurement (TM1)
NT100A01 200-9553-46-15 4x10/25G, Capture Flow Management (FM1)
200-9554-47-07 4x10/25G, Capture Test & Measurement (TM1)
200-9559-46-15 4x1/10G, Capture Flow Management (FM1)
200-9560-56-04 4x1/10G, Capture Test & Measurement (TM1)

Supported server architectures

  • Intel x86 64 bit
  • AMD EPYC Gen2 64 bit

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