Link-Inline™ Software 3.0.0 for Linux
2023-06-02 12:26

Napatech Link-Inline Software 3.0.0 is a release that introduces:

  • Support for 2x100G port speed on NT200A02 (FPGA image 9563-55-16) with Native DPDK driver (version 22.11.1) with support for the following features
    • Flow lookup (based on Flow Matcher)
    • Policy lookup and enforcement (based on leaky bucket algorithm)
      • Support for up to 4 policies
    • MBR Policing support
    • IPv4 and IPv6 support
    • Flow mirroring support
    • Subnet filtering (E.g. Can be used for subnet filtering on a per gNB basis in a 5G networks)
    • Scatter-gather buffer system – to improve packet latency through the slow path (all packets going to the host system)
    • GTP de-/en-capsulation
    • NAT support (IPv4 only)
    • DSCP tagging support
    • Billing Counters
    • Kubernetes support using Napatech Device Plugin
    • VFs and support for connecting to VFs through Kubernetes containers
    • rte_flow configuration through remote app that access PFs thought Linux sockets
    • Inline UPF Demo application
  • Limited features in this release
    • Reduced Flow learning rate (in the 150k/s range)

Please refer to the documentation and release notes for details on the new features, bug fixes and which SmartNIC products the new features apply to. Documentation is available here: