Release Note for linux imgctrl Version 3.18.1

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This release note applies to version 3.18.1 of the imgctrl package.

Release history from version 3.16.0 to 3.18.1
New Features
ID Customer tracking number Summary Implemented in
45053 Support for new FPGA images 9563-55-xx added 3.17.1
45016 Support for new FPGA images 9567-61-xx added 3.17.1
Resolved Issues

No resolved issues

Known issues
ID Customer tracking number Summary Found in version
43470 43465 / 44283 (Sup) imgctrl performs PCIe device scanning within domain "0000" only and doesn't detect devices within other domains, like "10000" as an example. 3.11.0
43258 FPGA combi-image upgrade is not supported on Windows.
a) unzip the combi-image to access the two embedded images:
tar xvzf 200-8007-22-00-0001-190913-1221.ntimg

b) upgrade adapter with one image at a time:
imgctrl -a0 -p --ini <ini> --ntimg 200-9521-22-05-00-190908-2314.ntimg
imgctrl -a0 -s --pcirst
reboot server
imgctrl -a0 -s --confirm
imgctrl -a0 -p --ini <ini> --ntimg 200-9526-22-05-00-190908-2342.ntimg
imgctrl -a0 -s --pcirst
reboot server
imgctrl -a0 -s --confirm
38869 Imgctrl does not reject load of 9519 image on NT80E3 although insufficient number of MAC addresses are available and driver as a consequence will not start. 3.6.0
25417 No support for FPGA image switch on NT20E2 with AVR-FW v1.0e due to lack of support of the SPI-(v1 0x0085)command FPGA SWITCH NOW, which is needed by imgctrl quick-switch.
If the user detects the somehow not so helpful error message:

SPIv1: Opcode 0085 returned error 80. Is the opcode supported by this AVR version?
Error: Failed telling SC to quickswitch
FAIL. Switching failed. Use --query to examine adapter

the user may switch the FPGA image via the following sequence:
(supported from imgctrl v2.1.0.28142)

1) . /imgctrl -a0 -s --pcirst
2) reboot
3) ./imgctrl -a0 -s --confirm

Operating systems

The following operating systems are supported:

  • Linux 4.0 -> 4.18 (64-bit)
  • Linux 5.0 -> 5.19 (64-bit)

    The software has been qualified on: CentOS 8

Hardware and FPGA image compatibility
Hardware 4GA FPGA images
NT200A02 200-9563-55-16
Hardware 3GA FPGA images

Test status

Complete test plan


See DN-0487 for documentation.

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