Upgrade an FPGA image
2017-08-25 07:58

The followings are command examples to reprogram FPGA.

1) Firstly stop ntservice and unload the driver.


2) Display the current FPGA image status of the adapter.

/opt/napatech3/bin/imgctrl -q -a 0

3) There are two FPGA flash banks, 0 and 1.  

The adapter image status shows the primary bank which is the currently running FPGA: default 0.  Program the FPGA image.
/opt/napatech3/bin/imgctrl -p -a 0 --ntimg 200-9221-46-06.ntimg --ini nt

The update process must NOT be interrupted.
It may take a few min.

4) Switch the primary bank to the one, which the new FPGA image is programmed. 

/opt/napatech3/bin/imgctrl -s -a 0


/opt/napatech3/bin/imgctrl -s -a 0 --pcirst 
Note: --pcirst option requires server reboot. 

5) Confirm

/opt/napatech3/bin/imgctrl -s -a 0 --confirm

6) Check the FPGA status after switching the primary FPGA.

/opt/napatech3/bin/imgctrl -q -a 0

7) Output the usage of imgctrl.

/opt/napatech3/bin/imgctrl –h

Please refer to DN-0487 Handling FPGA Images User Guide for further information in detail regarding the imgctrl tool.

Note: After the FPGA image switch operation, if output of imgctrl -q shows “IMAGE STATE : FAILED (code 3)”, it indicates that the image switch has failed during power-cycling. Please run the following command to change the image state to "NEUTRAL".

/opt/napatech3/bin/imgctrl –s -a  0 --discard

After that, try the switch operation again.

/opt/napatech3/bin/imgctrl -s -a 0 --pcirst

/opt/napatech3/bin/imgctrl -s -a 0 –confirm

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