3GD Windows version information
2017-10-26 13:27

For Windows operating systems, Napatech 3rd generation driver (3GD) drivers are normally distributed in a package with installers for the following components:

  • Drivers
  • Tools
  • WinPCAP library

There are multiple version numbers involved: for instance for our Green Bay 2 Maintenance Release 7, you will see:

Package version and filename:





3GD Driver version and filename:





Tools version and filename:



WinPCAP version and filename:



In addition to the above, the Napatech 3GD driver comprises a kernel-level component as well as a user-space component.

You can generally not assume a one-to-one relationship between Kernel Driver component (seen from the Windows device manager) and the 3GD user space part (for instance as seen in the ntlog output)

As an example, for package 3.2.7 with 3GD driver 2.11.11, the Windows Kernel Driver component is at version, while the ntservice user-space component is at version 2.11.11 (full version as shown in the screenshots below:

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