Link™ Capture Software 12.1.3 for Linux
2020-01-28 10:18

The Link™ Capture Software 12.1.3 package is a maintenance release in the Link™ Capture Software 12.1 series. Please see list of resolved issues below.

The Link™ Capture Software 12.1 release series introduces support for 2x10/25G on the Napatech NT200A02 SmartNIC. With this extension the NT200A02 SmartNIC supports a broad range of use cases requiring 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G network connectivity.

    2x10/25G BASE-SR, LR and LR-BiDi(NEW)

This maintenance release contains update to the driver and tools elements, whereas the other elements are the same as in the 12.1.2 package.

These issue reports are resolved compared to v12.0.0:

   (12.1.3) Support-ID 43201: SDRam CRC errors on NT40E3 with FPGA image 200-9537 installed
   (12.1.2) Support-ID 42636: NTPL containing OR\'ed length tests AND\'ed with another expression cause unknown error
   (12.1.2) Support-ID 42701: ntservice hanging if specifying more than the allowed 128 tx host buffers in ntservice.ini
   (12.1.2) Support-ID 42723: NTPL statements with certain combinations of AND and OR may trigger a buffer overflow
   (12.1.2) Support-ID 42887: Transmission of packets from tx host-buffers larger than 2 GB, may result in reduced Tx performance
   (12.1.2) Support-ID 43032: Color statistics is not counted until traffic is assigned to a stream
   (12.1.2) Support-ID 43046: Repeatedly replay of packets from large pcap files is not working properly (See also ID 42887)
   (12.1.2) Support-ID 43061: Local retransmit doesn\'t work when combined with IPMatch filtering
   (12.1.2) Support-ID 43063: Key test using NOT EQUAL isn\'t always configured correctly
   (12.1.2) Support-ID 43083: Incorrect duplicate recognition due to trunkated keys
   (12.1.2) Support-ID 43216: PTP telecom profile is not properly supported (Skew=0 and In-Sync=N/A) on NT200A01/02