Link™ Inline Software 2.0.0 for Linux
2021-09-21 13:49

The Napatech Link Inline Software 2.0.0 release introduces support for Flow management for these FPGA images:

  • NT100A01:
    • 9553-46-06 (4x10/25G)
    • 9559-46-06 (4x1/10G)
  • NT200A02:
    • 9534-46-06 (8x10G)
    • 9535-46-06 (2x40G)
    • 9536-46-10 (2x100G)

Installation instructions:

To generate a correct ini-file for inline configuration, start the ntservice executable with the following argument:

./ntservice QMEnable=0

When using more than one adapter, the argument(s) must specify the adapter number. For example, if adapter 1 and 2 are used for inline configuration then do as follows:

./ntservice Adapter1.QMEnable=0 Adapter2.QMEnable=0

Once the ini-file has been generated, the additional arguments are no longer necessary.

If you experience issues downloading the below attached (tar.gz) archive file, please try this direct link: ntinl_package_3gd-