Link™ Capture Software 11.7.0 release for Linux (Intel PAC)
2019-09-18 07:34

The Link™ Capture Software 11.7.0 release introduces support for Deduplication on Napatech and Intel hardware platforms. Packet duplicates are typically generated on switch span ports and generates redundant traffic to monitoring applications. The Deduplication feature can identify and discard duplicates and thereby reduce the load on server system resources significantly.

Supported hardware:

  • Napatech NT200A02
  • Napatech NT80E3
  • Napatech NT40E3
  • Napatech NT20E3
  • Napatech NT40A01
  • Intel FPGA PAC A10 GX


New in this release is also the dual feature set (dual FPGA image) solution for NT40E3.

  1. NT40E3 Capture feature set (default)
  • Not supported
    • Line rate transmit
    • Local retransmit
  • Added features
    • Deduplication
    • Start-of-frame timestamp
    • VN-Tag classification
    • Low-rate transmit

    2. NT40E3 Capture/Replay feature set

  • Current NT40E3 feature set (included in Link™ Capture Software 11.6)