Link™ Capture Software 12.9.3 for Windows
2023-01-13 11:56

This release is a maintenance release in the 12.9 series which introduced these features:

  • NT40A11:
    • Support for 4x1/10G with Capture feature set (new FPGA image: 200-9564-57-10)
    • Support for 4x1/10G with Capture/Replay feature set (new FPGA image: 200-9565-57-06)
  • NT50B01:
    • Improved timestamp performance for 2x1/10G with Capture Test & Measurement feature set (FPGA image: 200-9561-57-04)
    • Improved timestamp performance for 2x10/25G with with Capture Test & Measurement feature set (FPGA image: 200-9541-57-04)

Please refer to the documentation and release notes for details on the new features, bug-fixes and which SmartNIC products the new features apply to.

This release resolves these Support issue compared to the 12.9.0:         
     (12.9.3) Support-ID 44731: Minor update to multiple FPGA's    
     (12.9.3) Support-ID 44771: TM feature set on FPGA image 9533-60-01
     (12.9.3) Support-ID 44229: Arista timestamp on FPGA image 9533-60-01
     (12.9.3) Support-ID 44807: Dynamic offset support with EndOfFrame on FPGA image 9533-60-01
     (12.9.3) Support-ID 44839: High latency using timestamp inject

If you experience issues downloading the below attached zip file, please try this direct link: