Link™ Capture Software 12.2.3 for Windows
2020-04-29 16:48

This is a maintenance release 12.2.3 of the Napatech Link Capture 12.2 software, resolving a performance issue on the Windows platform.

The Napatech Link™ Capture 12.2 software release series, introduces powerful features for test & measurement applications. Nanosecond hardware transmit and receive timestamping enables precision network roundtrip delay and jitter measurements. The solution also includes advanced features for error and network jitter simulation. All of this is supported for 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G network speeds. The release also includes support for Cisco FabricPath encapsulation and bug-fix’es. Please refer to the documentation and release notes for details on the new features, bugfix’es and which SmartNIC products the new features apply to.

Feature summary:
   - Tx time stamp inject at offset relative to L3/L4 headers
   - L2 and L3/L4 (IP/TCP/UDP) Tx Checksums Generation
   - L2 and L3/L4 (IP/TCP/UDP) Rx Checksums Verification
   - Cisco FabricPath encapsulation

Package version: 12.2.3
Driver version:     3.20.3
FPGA versions:     28-xx

Please see the release notes and documentation for more information

This release also resolves these Support requests and issues (compared to the 12.1.6):

   (12.2.3) Support-ID 43132: New option, --get_timeout, for capture and pktgen tools added. Use get_timeout=0 (no timeout), to obtain maximum performance on Windows
   (12.2.3) Support-ID 43132: No SDRAM buffering with default generated ntservice.ini configuration on 4GA FPGAs
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43127: Setup_wizard changed to generate new macro names in ntpcap.ini
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43125: Data tests added: DynOffIcmpData, DynOffSctpFrame, DynOffSctpData, DynOffInnerIcmpData, DynOffInnerSctpFrame, DynOffInnerSctpData
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43327: Hash value calculation for fragmented IP packets does not work properly
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43060: Host based transmit degrades when simultaneously doing local retransmit
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43278: Binary backward compatibility is broken.
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43120: When transmitting a file using pktgen on a 4Generation adapter, the file is always transmitted in line rate
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43352: NT4E fails to establish link at 100M
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43314: Missing support for QSFP28 modules with build-in FEC support
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43280: imgctrl --reload fails on Supermicro Atom platform
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43342: Packets that are not assigned to a stream do not contribute to color statistics
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43319: Undersized packets are not counted correctly on NT200A02-2x100
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43326: Monitoring does not show IPF counters (7000, 7001, 9512, 9521, 9522, 9526)
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43250: ntpcap.ini is not installed when updating an installation with libpcap
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43159: Reduced throughput on NT200A02 at first driver run after power-up/reboot/image-switch
   (12.2.2) Support-ID 43068: The transmit_packet_example may not transmit all packets