Link™ Capture Software v11.6.5 for Linux
2019-09-12 19:04

Link™ Capture Software 11.6.5 release for Linux

The Link™ Capture Software 11.6.5 is a maintenance release in the 11.6.x series (support for 2x25G on the Napatech NT200A01 SmartNIC).

Software package version: 11.6.5

Feature set: N-ANL11
Release summary: See release summary
Release notes: See release note

Software                       Version
nt_driver_3gd_linux       3.13.6
nt_tools_3gd_linux         3.13.6
imgctrl                                 3.7.9

Resolved issue(s) compared to v11.6.3:

    (11.6.5) Support-ID 42973: imgctrl erroneously allows downgrading an NT200A01_2x100 adapter to become a 10/25/40G adapter
    (11.6.5) Support-ID 42974: Release notes do not list support for certain Huntington Beach 3 maintenance FPGA\\'s
    (11.6.4) Support-ID 42834: "recv buffer too small" errors may occur, e.g. when changing state of the port on an NT100E3