Link™ Capture Software v11.4.1 for Linux
2019-03-29 13:58

Link™ Capture Software 11.4.1 release for Linux

The Link™ Capture Software 11.4.1 is a maintenance release to 11.4.0, which introduced support for the new Napatech NT200A02 2xQSFP28 SmartNIC. With this release and the NT200A02 the full Napatech Link™ Capture Software feature set is now supported for link speeds up to 2x100G. With this solution, you will also benefit from broader server compatibility, as the NT200A02 offers full PCIe Gen3 16-lane support, so that PCIe bifurcation support in the server is not required. This is especially important for 2x40G and 2x100G use cases where line rate throughput to the host is paramount.
Another new feature in the 11.4.x series is start-of-frame time stamp support for NT40A01, NT20E3, NT80E3, NT100E3, NT200A02 and NT200A01

Software package version: 11.4.1

Feature set: N-ANL11
Release summary: See release summary
Release notes: See release note

Software                       Version
nt_driver_3gd_linux       3.11.1
nt_imgctrl                        3.7.5
nt_libpcap                       3.17.1


NT20E3-2-PTP        200-9501-18-07
NT40E3-4-PTP        200-9502-10-07
NT80E3-2-PTP        200-8005-18-01, 200-9503-18-07
NT40A01-4x1         200-9500-18-07
NT40A01                 200-9517-09-08 (SLB)
INTEL-A10               200-7000-12-06, 200-7001-12-06
NT100E3-1-PTP     200-9505-18-07
NT200A01               200-8002-18-01, 200-8003-18-01, 200-8004-18-01, 200-8006-18-01, 200-9512-18-07
NT200A02               200-8007-18-01

Resolved issue(s) compared to v11.4.0:

    (11.4.1) Support-ID 42606: On NT200A01 there is no link on ports with a QSFP28 -LR mounted