Link™ Capture Software v11.2.2 Linux
2018-10-12 17:00

Napatech Link™ Capture Software v11.2.2 release.

Release date: 2018-10-12

The Napatech Link™ Capture Software v11.2.2 release for Napatech SmartNICs introduces support for 8x10G on the NT200A01-2x40 SmartNIC

Additionally, the Napatech Link™ Capture Software v11.2.2 provides the VN-Tag feature on the NT200A01, NT40A01 and the NT20E3 as was introduced for NT80E3 in release 11.2.0.

Software package version: 11.2.2
Feature set: N-ANL11
Release summary: See release summary
Release notes: See release note

Software                       Version
nt_driver_3gd_linux       3.9.3
nt_imgctrl                        3.7.1
nt_libpcap                        3.17.1


NT200A01-2x100          200-8002-15-02
NT100E3-1-PTP            200-9505-15-02
NT200A01-2x40            200-9512-15-02, 200-9522-15-03, 200-8006-15-03
NT80E3-2-PTP              200-9503-15-02, 200-9519-15-02, 200-8005-15-02
NT40E3-4-PTP              200-9502-10-07
NT20E3-2-PTP              200-9501-15-02
NT40A01-4x1                200-9500-15-02
NT200A01-2x100/40    200-8003-15-02, 200-8004-15-02
NT40A01-4x10/1-SLB   200-9517-09-08

Resolved issues:

    (11.2.2) Support-ID 42270: Feature in imgctrl to report actual link width per PCIe endpoint
    (11.2.2) Support-ID 42317: Missing doc on absolute port-number retrieval with Dyn4 descriptor
    (11.2.0) Support-ID 42172: Documentation for parameters to optimize inline latency
    (11.2.0) Support-ID 42178: How to get inline latency in the range 50-100 µs
    (11.2.0) Support-ID 41092: Out of TX hostbuffers error even correct specified in ntservice.ini
    (11.2.0) Support-ID 42177: Tx TBH delineation errors after restarting throughput in inline scenario
    (11.2.0) Support-ID 42191: Filter to mask address does not work
    (11.2.0) Support-ID 42229: Reading stats while changing/reassigning NTPL filters can cause ntservice crash
    (11.2.0) Support-ID 42236: Rx streams with multiple subscriber clients may end up hanging and loose packets
    (11.2.0) Support-ID 42211: Ntservice crash when dynamically assigning Inline Tx NTPL streams
    (11.2.0) Support-ID 42216: Ntservice may stop when applying pattern match filters on 3GA FPGA
    (11.2.0) Support-ID 42285: Incorrect example for Retransmit

Release notes are also included in the package. Please click the package ntanl_package_3gd-11.2.2-linux.tar.gz for download.