Link™ Capture Software 11.9.10 release for Linux
2019-12-02 15:07

Link™ Capture Software 11.9.10 release for Linux

The Link™ Capture Software 11.9.10 is a generic software maintenance release in the 11.9.x series.

Software package version: 11.9.10

Feature set: N-ANL11
Release summary: See release summary
Release notes: See release note

Software                         Version
nt_driver_3gd_linux       3.17.2
nt_tools_3gd_linux         3.17.2
imgctrl                             3.10.1

Resolved issue(s) compared to v11.9.0:

    (11.9.10) Support-ID 43143: System becomes unresponsive after disabling/enabling ports
    (11.9.10) Support-ID 42873: Error "Tx TBH range error on Tx feed <number>" sometimes happens when executing NTPL statements
    (11.9.10) Support-ID 42421: CPU soft lockup during ntservice startup
    (11.9.10) Support-ID 43058: Difficult to get link whe using AFBR-5715PZ pluggable
    (11.9.10) Support-ID 43040: Usability issues with combo FPGA images
    (11.9.10) Support-ID 43007: imgctrl -group option not supported with multi image adapters
    (11.9.10) Support-ID 43062: KeyMatch keyword someitmes crashes ntservice
    (11.9.10) Support-ID 43059: Using \'right arrow\' or \'page down\' keys in Profiling tool may cause segmentation fault
    (11.9.10) Support-ID 43132: Skew is shown wrongly when using time format UNIX_NS with ntts time synchronization